The Stuart Hamper Memorial Handicap Billiards Championship 2011-12

Team photo – players from left to right. Brian Bull (Curdridge), Derek Fry (Curdridge), Wayne Crotty (winner from Hythe Social) and Mike Thatcher (Woolston Cons)



Hythe Social’s Wayne Crotty has won the Southampton Billiard Leagues prestigious Ken Sydenham Individual Handicap Billiards Trophy for the second time at Churchill’s Eastleigh

He was drawn against Woolston Cons Mike Thatcher in one semi final and had to give away 135 points start to his opponent. Thatcher (receiving +90) started off well but Crotty (receiving -45) responded with a 10 ‘hazard’ break of 38 and followed this with runs of 25, 20, 29 and 22

Thatcher neared the 160-point mark in the 200 points up game, but just as it looked as if the Hythe player would fall he compiled a superb 53 break to help him win by 200-168

In the other semi, Curdridge compatriots Brian Bull and Derek Fry met. Brian, receiving a handicap of +85, is one of the leagues most improved players in the past couple of years – thanks in part to his late teammate Stuart Hamper’s coaching. But it was the experienced Fry, who is on a +105 handicap, who reached the winning line by 200-177

The final had Fry playing fluently and leaving Crotty behind as he neared the 150-point mark. Crotty’s grit and determination shone through though as he made a 36 and 29 to draw closer. Fry responded and required 13 for game at 187, but Crotty was not to be denied as he coolly made a 31 ‘unfinished’ break to deservedly win the match 200-187!