The Stuart Hamper Memorial Handicap Billiards Championship 2012-13

The four semi finalists from left to right: Terry Azor (Chandlers Ford Central), Steve Cottrell (Hamble Social), Daniel Zagaroli (Chandlers Ford Central) and Mike Kunzi (Totton Rec)

Semi-Final & Final

Chandlers Ford Central's Daniel Zagaroli wins the Stuart Hamper Individual Billiards Handicap Challenge Cup at Churchills Eastleigh
Daniel Zagaroli (-160 handicap – Chandlers Ford Central) has won the inaugural Stuart Hamper Memorial Challenge Individual Billiards Handicap Cup (formerly the Ken Sydenham Trophy, Stuart Hamper was a respected billiards player for Curdridge RBL), beating team mate Terry Azor (-80 handicap) in the semi final, and Mike Kunzi (-5 handicap – Totton Rec) in the final of the 200 up tournament

The draw paired Zagaroli with his team captain and friend Azor, on the tighter of the two Churchill’s tables, but they both served up a fine spectacle of billiards. Zagaroli kicked off with a 9-hazard break of 45 but Azor responded with a fine 69 to keep his handicap advantage

Zagaroli then found his rhythm and helped by runs of 30, 60 (to put him 46 on the board), 41, 31 and 37, left him requiring 1 point for the game! He drew his cue back from his cue ball on a side cushion and inexplicably caught the cue ball with his cue to give away a two-point foul!

Azor had the balls re-spotted, and with him requiring 79 points for a miraculous one point win, compiled a wonderful 49, and then unfortunately missed his trade mark long in-off, to give Zagaroli the opportunity to play a lovely screw in-off red into a middle pocket for a famous 200-170 win

On the other table, Parkstone based billiards aficionado Kunzi played Hamble Social's improving Steve Cottrell (+65 handicap) in the other semi final and made breaks of 20, 33, 20 and 30 to win by 200-167, and a first final appearance

The final was played on the tighter table and witnessed Zagaroli continue where he left off from the semi final. He made a 10-hazard break of 34 with his third visit to the table, a 25 and 14 hazard break of 45 (breaking down in perfect top-of-the-table position) to show his intent

Kunzi could not quite reach his fantastic form of previous league matches and had to stand and watch Zagaroli make further breaks of 55, 27 (9 hazards) and a superb 61. Kunzi responded with a 22 at the death but could not stop Zagaroli making a 20 unfinished for a memorable 200-121 victory. Well played Daniel!

Quarter Finals

Quarter-finals results

Steve Cottrell 200 V 196 Sid Hunt

Daniel Zagaroli (85, 39, 35, 34, 32, 30, 30) 200 V 116 Nick Wood

Steve Boterhoek V Terry Azor WINNER

Mike Kunzi Winner V Brian Price


Last 16

Dave Baker 135 V 200 Nick Wood

Wayne Crotty V Steve Boterhoek WINNER

Steve Cottrell 200 (35) V 188 Chris Christodoulou

Clive Gamblin 190 V 200 Mike Kunzi

Daniel Zagaroli WINNER V Derek Fry

Brian Cannons V Terry Azor WINNER

Brian Price 200 V 179 Tony Spridgeon

Sid Hunt 200 V 123 Steve Allen

First Round

Mike Henstredge 0 V 200 Nick Wood W/O

Dave Baker W/O V Keith Castles

Will Mildenhall (40) 176 V 200 Mike Kunzi (46, 36 unf)

Tony Spridgeon WINNER V Malcolm Willis

Rob Shattock V Wayne Crotty WINNER

Steve Cottrell 200 V 168 Chris Pullen

Gwen Gamblin 191 V 200 Steve Boterhoek

Clive Gamblin 200 V 193 Brian Bull

Derek Fry 200 V 174 Mark Shirley

Mark Emm V Chris Christodoulou W/O

Nick Alford 158 V 200 (51, 44, 57, 51) Terry Azor

Daniel Zagaroli WINNER V Jamie Barnes

Steve Allen 200 V 141 Mike Thatcher

Brian Cannons 200 V 191 Wayne Chiverton

Brian Price WINNER V Paul Lawrence

Paul Tavender 120 V 200 Sid Hunt