The Usher Cup Team Handicap 2012-13

Totton's victorious team – from left to right. Josh Barnes, captain Steve Allen, Mike Kunzi, Tony Aldridge and Brian Cannons


Paul Adams break of 97 can't stop TOTTON REC'S TERRIFIC USHER CUP WIN!

Totton Rec has won the prestigious Usher Team Billiards Handicap Cup, beating Churchill's Eastleigh in the final played at Totton Rec

The individual handicap, five man team, first to 200 points, total team aggregate format competition, had Totton's Josh Barnes (receive +80) drawn out against Mike Henstredge (receive +95) first. Both players kept pace with each other up until the 150 mark, but an inspired Barnes made a break of 34 and 16 to win by 200-172

Table two played host to Churchill's Dave Baker (receive +55) and Totton's Tony Aldridge (receive +40), and it didn't take long for both to play some fine in-offs and cannons. Baker took the lead by 40 points only to see his opponent make a fine 38 to draw level. The last thirty points were a cagey affair with Aldridge triumphing 200-178. This had Totton leading on the aggregate by 50 points – a good advantage going into the third game

Totton's Dorset player Mike Kunzi (receive -5) from Parkstone, pitted his skills against Petersfield's billiards maestro Derek Foster (receive +15). Both showed their classy skills in the all-round game, but Kunzi was keeping in front with some top-of-the-table time. In the end he managed to construct two breaks of 30+ to win by 200-134

The fourth pairing had Churchill's Paul Adams (receive -105) giving away a 225 points start to Brian Cannons (receive +120). By this time Totton was leading the overall aggregate score by 600 to 484 – a mammoth lead. Totton's Cannons played some fine in-offs but was missing some pots to let Adams acclimatise to the Totton table. He made a break of 48 to go with three runs of 20+, but Cannons still led by a large margin. Then with Cannons requiring 20 odd for the game, Adams compiled a wonderful break of 97, when requiring 114 to run out, and won the tie 200-186

Totton's captain Steve Allen (receive -50) could see he only had to play his 'normal' game for his side to take the trophy. However he drew Churchill's Simon Green (receive +85), who had beaten the Totton man on the past two occasions! Green kept up with Allen to the three quarter mark but the Totton captain was not to be outdone, as he won by 200-166 for an overall team victory of 986-850 and a first Usher Cup win for his side. Well done Totton!



(1) B Cannons(120) 200 - 196 T Azor(-80)
(2) M.Kunzi (-5) 200 - 157 D Zagaroli(-160)
(3) M. Allen (120) 186 - 200 W Muddiman (25)
(4) S.Allen (-50) 200 - 112 J Mullane (-160)
(5) T Aldridge (40) 200 - 130 M Shirley (35)
Agg: 936-795
Breaks: John Mullane 49 & 53


Southampton Billiard league champions Churchill’s Eastleigh welcomed current Usher Cup Team Handicap Cup holders Sarisbury Social in one semi final of the total team points scored competition

Sarisbury started superbly with captain John Oldfield (+10) making a 40 break in leading Mark Adams (+100). Adams fought back but could not stop Oldfield winning 200-161. Sarisbury showed their wonderful billiard knowledge as Dave Leeworthy (+20) made a fine 41 break and numerous 20s as he led Derek Foster (+20) 180-100. Foster summoned all his skills to make a 41 of his own at the death, to narrow the point’s deficit, but Leeworthy proved a worthy winner by 200-159

With Churchill’s number one Paul Adams standing down (after Churchill’s won against Bitterne RBL in the quarter finals without him), Simon Green (+85) stepped into the fray against the awesome knowledge and skill of Stan Pitts (+20). In a tense game, Green played one of the best games of his billiard career to lead. Pitts however showed his skill (I remember watching him at 147 Executive Club in the early 80s making a break of over 180) to claw back the game. Green responded and eventually won by 200-157. Sarisbury were now winning the tie 557-520 – a healthy 37 point advantage with two games to go

Norman Bradfield (+30), fresh from his fine win over Paul Adams in the league match the week before, faced Dave Baker (+60). Bradfield however was on the opposite table from his previous game – and quipped that 'I've never liked this table!’ It didn't stop him from looking as if he would pull away from the improving Baker – who says he, 'always needs twenty minutes to get going!' With both players nearing the last twenty points to go mark, Baker found inspiration and won 200-174

So after two hours of fine match play billiards it was down to the last pairing of Peter Green (+75) and Geoff Knapp (+30), with Sarisbury leading by 11 points on the total aggregate score. Green kept his handicap advantage up to the 110 mark, but Knapp was playing the more fluid of the two and making some fine combination breaks at the top-of-the-table

Green pulled away by twenty, only for Knapp to pull level. The game was getting tenser as they neared the 180 mark, but Green was keeping the gap wider than the 11 points required. At the end we couldn't have dreamed of the outcome. With Green requiring 8 points for game, but not enough of a gap for the match, he played the wrong cue ball (his opponents white) and gave away a 2-point foul – disaster!

This meant Knapp was on 180 (needing to score 189 for the match). However, Knapp chose not to have the balls 're-spotted' and after scoring 2 points, played the wrong cue ball himself and gave 2 points away as a foul! Ex pilot Wing Commander Green then showed his coolness as he made six for game to leave Knapp stranded on 182, and give Churchill’s the most amazing 920-913 points Usher Cup win for many years


Chandlers Ford Central beat Hythe Social 975 – 906
J Mullane (76, 54) 187 V T Scarborough 200
D Zagaroli (40, 48) 200 V W Crotty 163
T Azor (108) 200 V R Tennant 156
M Shirley 200 V J Barnes 187
R Smith 188 V W Chiverton 200

Sarisbury Social V Hamble Social
Dave Leeworthy (20) 200 v Paul Knights (95) 137
Norman Bradfield (30) 200 v Will Mildenhall (55) 183
Geoff Knapp (30) 133 v Nick Wood (15) 200
Stan Pitts (20) 200 v Rob Shattock (100) 171
John Oldfield (10) 200 v Tony Spridgeon (50) 121

Breaks: John Oldfield 49
Dave Leeworthy 48, 43
Norman Bradfield 38

Total agg: Sarisbury Social 933 Hamble Social 812

Curdridge RBL V Totton Rec
1) D.Fry 200 B.Cannon 174
2) C.Gamblin 175 S.Allen 200
3) B.Bull 157 T.Aldridge 200
4) N.Alford 114 M.Kunzi 200
5) G.Gamblin 168 J.Barnes 200

Total agg Curdridge 814 – Totton Rec 974

Breaks S.Allen 54,30,33. M.Kunzi 44,33. T.Aldridge 33

Churchills beat Bitterne RBL
Awaiting full result card from Peter Green