The Stuart Hamper Memorial Handicap Billiards Championship 2013-14

Semi finalists from left to right: Derek Fry (Curdridge RBL), Steve Cottrell (Hamble Social), Chris Christodoulou (Park Gate RBL) and Rob Shattock (Hamble Social).

Semi-Final & Final

Fry’s Curdridge Delight at winning the Stuart Hamper Challenge!

2013-2014 Stuart Hamper Individual Billiards Handicap Challenge Cup – SEMI FINALS AND FINAL
 The late Stuart Hamper was a fantastic billiards inspiration to all that knew him at the Curdridge RBL club where he played for the billiards team, and he helped the new players hone their skills in preparation for playing in the Southampton Billiards League. When Curdridge’s Derek Fry made his way to Churchill’s Eastleigh for the semi finals and final of The Stuart Hamper Billiards Challenge, he knew he had to win the trophy named after his teammate.

In the first of the two semi finals, last season’s semi finalist Steve Cottrell (Hamble Social – rec +40) drew teammate Rob Shattock (Hamble Social – rec +95), a previous winner of the individual handicap, first to 200 points tournament. In the other semi Chris Christodoulou (Park Gate RBL – rec +85) was pitted against Fry (Curdridge RBL – rec +95), a losing finalist in 2012.

Cottrell made breaks of 16 and 14 to show his intent but could not make a major inroad into the 55-point handicap deficit that separated him from Shattock and trailed by 142-122. Shattock then made what was to be a decisive break of 17 to lead by 181-161, and eventually win by a close 200-183.

Fry played fluently against Christodoulou to lead by 40 but back came Christodoulou, narrowly missing a pot red off of the top spot due to a ‘kick’! Fry replied with a timely 21 break to lead 193-120, and after Christodoulou scored another 17 points, finished the match to win by 200-137.

The final, played on the tighter ‘billiard’ suited table number one, had Shattock breaking-off with the white ball. His first five visits were unfortunately non-scoring as Fry made breaks of 9 and 15, with three other red scoring strokes to lead by 128-85. Shattock then found some rhythm and scored 41 points with various shots, during which Fry replied with 14 break and numerous smaller runs.

Shattock then double-baulked Fry, who played a ‘miss’ to give his opponent the 2-point penalty. Fry then scored 7 but fouled by missing the object balls completely! Shattock played from the re-spotted red and yellow balls, and later made a 12 break and an 8 to give the Hamble spectators hope. Fry responded however by making a fine 19 and a game winning 7 to win by 200-161, to give his supporters the victory Stuart would have been so happy to see. Well-done Derek on his first SDBSA singles title!

Steve Cottrell (Hamble Social – rec +40) 183 V 200 Rob Shattock (Hamble Social – rec +95)
Chris Christodoulou (Park Gate RBL – rec +85) 137 V 200 Derek Fry (Curdridge RBL – rec +95)

Derek Fry (Curdridge RBL – rec +95) 200 V 161 Rob Shattock (Hamble Social – rec +95)

Quarter Finals

Quarter-finals results

Mike Thatcher 163 V 200 Steve Cottrell

Paul Lawrence 120 V 200 Chris Christodoulou

Rob Shattock 200 V 148 Nick Alford

Derek Fry 200 V 178 Paul Tavender


Last 16

Paul Tavender 200 V -17 Terry Azor

Steve Cottrell 200 V 161 Steve Allen

Mike Thatcher W/O V Paul Knights

Malcolm Willis (34) 176 V 200 Derek Fry

Nick Alford 200 V 162 Tony Spridgeon

Chris Christodoulou W/O V Brian Cannons

Will Mildenhall V WINNER Paul Lawrence

Rob Shattock 200 V 160 Ray Smith

First Round

Tony Spridgeon W/O V Mark Emm

Chris Christodoulou  200 V -34 (41) Daniel Zagaroli

Nick Wood 164 V 200 Rob Shattock

Mike Henstredge V W/O Brian Cannons

Steve Boterhoek V WINNER Derek Fry

Brian Bull 188 V 200 (52) Terry Azor

Malcolm Willis V BYE

Nick Alford 200 V 152 Gwen Gamblin

Mike Thatcher W/O V Chris Pullen

Steve Allen V BYE

Tony Aldridge 174 V 200 Ray Smith

Paul Tavender 200 V 189 Sid Hunt

Clive Gamblin V WINNER Paul Lawrence

Mike Kunzi 197 (55) V 200 Will Mildenhall

Steve Cottrell V BYE

Paul Knights V BYE