The Stuart Hamper Memorial Handicap Billiards Championship 2015-16

Stuart Hamper Individual Handicap Billiards Challenge semi finalists – From left to right, Derek Fry (winner), Gwen Gamblin, Brian Bull and Paul Knights

Semi-Final & Final

Curdridge's Derek Fry wins the
2016 Stuart Hamper Individual
Billiards Challengefor the second
time in three years!
Churchills Eastleigh, Wednesday 20 April 2016

The Stuart Hamper Memorial Individual Handicap Billiards Challenge had three Curdridge Royal British Legion players and one Hamble Social cueist all vying for the prestigious trophy at Churchills Eastleigh.

The semi-finals draw for the 200 points-up format, had Curdridge’s Brian Bull (receive +85) verses 2013-2014 winner Derek Fry (receive +80), and two first time semi-finalists, Gwen Gamblin (receive +130) up against Hamble’s Paul Knights (receive +80).

Derek and Brian played on the faster, tighter table number 1, and to start with, showed some final night nerves, as some pots and in-offs they normally stroke in with ease went amiss. But as they found their range, they both played some fine shots in the middle section of the game. Fry however was in no mood to give up the chance to play in the final for the second time in three years and won by 200-135, thanks in part to a 19 break.

On the other table Gwen was reveling in the playing conditions and played some wonderful cannons and pots. Her 50-point handicap advantage helped as well, but she kept Paul from getting into his normal flowing stride. Paul came back in the middle section of the game to give his spectators some hope, but Gwen closed the game out, winning by 200-153.

So for the first time in the Southampton and District Billiards and Snooker Association’s history we had a female player in the final of a major competition – well done Gwen. The game started well with both players playing freely, scoring some excellent in-offs and cannons. Gwen kept her handicap advantage until the mid 140s but Fry was closing in, and made a 13 break to remain in contention. It was nip and tuck in the last 30 points but Fry made a 15 unfinished to win his second championship in three years by 200-180. Congratulations Derek and Gwen!


Gwen Gamblin REC +130 (Curdridge RBL) 200
Paul Knights REC +80 (Hamble Social) 153

Derek Fry REC +80 (Curdridge RBL) 200
Brian Bull REC +85 (Curdridge RBL) 135


Derek Fry REC +80 (Curdridge RBL) 200
Gwen Gamblin REC +130 (Curdridge RBL) 180

Quarter Finals

Quarter-finals results

Gwen Gamblin +130 200 V 192 Dave White +125

Ian Finch +60 195 V 200 Derek Fry +80

Brian Bull +85 200 V 187 Nick Alford +65

Paul Knights +80 200 V 137 Lee Fitzpatrick +75


Last 16

Brian Bull 200 V 183 Dave Baker

Ian Finch 200 V 154 Tony Aldridge

Steve Boterhoek 171 V 200 Derek Fry

Mick Kunzi 36 V 200 Lee Fitzpatrick

Paul Knights 200 V 175 Mike Thatcher

Steve Allen 176 V 200 Gwen Gamblin

Terry Azor 88  V 200 Dave White

Rob Shattock 169 V 200 Nick Alford

First Round

Lee Fitzpatrick V BYE

Derek Fry V BYE

Mick Kunzi V BYE

Paul Lawrence 185 V 200 Rob Shattock

Paul Knights 200 V 191 Malcolm Willis

Will Mildenhall 184 V 200 Ian Finch

Dan Stone V W/O Dave Baker

Paul Tavender 168 V 200 Brian Bull

Clive Gamblin 199 V 200 Steve Allen

Gwen Gamblin 200 V 159 Brian Cannons

Graham Hollick V Terry Azor

Mike Henstredge V W/O Steve Boterhoek

Dave White 200 V 190 Chris Pullen

Tony Aldridge 200 V 178 Ray Smith

Mike Thatcher 200 V 157 Chris Christodoulou

Nick Alford W/O V 0 Daniel Zagaroli