The Stuart Hamper Memorial Handicap Billiards Championship 2016-17

Stuart Hamper Memorial Billiards Challenge – semi-finalists left to right, Mike Thatcher, Derek Fry, Daniel Zagaroli and Ray Smith

Semi-Final & Final

Fry wins his third title and Zagaroli stars with a wonderful 111

The Stuart Hamper Memorial Individual Handicap Billiards Challenge 2016-2017
Semi-finals and final played at Churchills Eastleigh on Thursday 20 April
The prestigious Stuart Hamper Memorial Individual Billiards Handicap Challenge paired Curdridge’s two time winner Derek Fry (receive +75) against Chandlers Ford Central's Mike Thatcher (receive +80) and Chandlers Ford Central’s Daniel Zagaroli (receive -230) against teammate Ray Smith (receive +105).

The pairing between Fry (receive +75) and Thatcher (receive +80), on the tighter faster number one table, had both players playing some fine all round play during the first to 200 points game format. Fry cued off with a 17 break, but back came Thatcher to lead at the three quarter stage. Fry hit back again, making a crucial 19 break, but Thatcher kicked on to lead in the last 20 points. He played some fine long in-offs to only need five points for game, but Fry stepped in to make a 14 unfinished for a great win.

Zagaroli on the other table had to give away a massive 335 points start on the handicap to compatriot Smith. It didn’t worry him one iota though, as it hasn’t all season, as he compiled a sublime 111 break. It was made up of all round billiards play and unnervingly accurate potting to mesmerise us. He also made smaller runs of 36, 38 and 30 to close in on the last 20 points. Smith however made a fine 18 break and showed his mettle by climbing his way to 199! With an in-off white required for the match, he narrowly missed it, letting in Zagaroli in for a pot red and follow through in-off to pinch a remarkable game.

The final had Zagaroli start from where he left off in the semi, making breaks of 35, 58 and a 76 – when another nailed on century was beckoning. However, Fry showed why he has won the trophy (named after his long time team mate Stuart Hamper) twice before, by showing his own steely determination. He made two telling contributions of 20 and 21 to close in on the 200 points mark. Zagaroli made a 29 in the final few minutes, but Fry held himself together to win his third title by 200-100. Congratulations Derek!

Quarter Finals

Quarter-finals played on Thursday 16 March.
200 up, handicaps at date of play apply

Rob Smith 188 V 200 Mike Thatcher

Daniel Zagaroli (54, 60, 42 unf) 200 V Tony Aldridge 154

Paul Lawrence V Ray Smith (winner)

Derek Fry 200 V Mike Henstredge 182


Last 16

Rob Smith (Curdridge RBL) WINNER V Terry Azor (Chandlers Ford Central)

Ray Smith WINNER V Lee Fitzpatrick

Paul Tavender 154 V 200 Derek Fry

Mike Kunzi 86 V 200 Mike Thatcher

Chris Pullen V Mike Henstredge WINNER

Daniel Zagaroli (38, 65, 48, 59) 200 V Brian Cannons 153

Clive Gamblin  (31) 192 V 200 Paul Lawrence

Tony Aldridge 200 V Dave Baker 162

First Round

Ian Finch (Park Gate RBL) V WINNER Terry Azor (Chandlers Ford Central)

Chris Christodoulou V WINNER Paul Tavender

Mike Thatcher WINNER V Brian Bull

Dave White V WINNER Mike Henstredge

Lee Fitzpatrick 200 V Steve Boterhoek 176

Bye : Clive Gamblin (Curdridge RBL)
Bye : Tony Aldridge (Totton Rec)
Bye : Daniel Zagaroli (Chandlers Ford Central)
Bye : Dave Baker (Churchills Eastleigh)
Bye : Paul Lawrence (Park Gate RBL)
Bye : Derek Fry (Curdridge RBL)
Bye : Mike Kunzi (Totton Rec)
Bye : Chris Pullen (Park Gate RBL)
Bye : Ray Smith (Chandlers Ford Central)
Bye : Brian Cannons (Totton Rec)
Bye : Rob Smith (Curdridge RBL)