The Gordon Lewis Memorial Scratch Billiards Championship 2018-19

Smiles from both Chandlers Ford Central players John Mullane and Danny Zagaroli... but how did Danny come out on top at Churchills Eastleigh in the Gordon Lewis Championship final?...


Final played at Churchills Eastleigh, Thursday 4 April 2019
Chandlers Ford Central's Danny Zagaroli beat holder and teammate John Mullane in an entertaining final played at Churchills Eastleigh. The final played over two, hour long sessions, started with Mullane making a finely crafted 51 break and a 36 to lead Zagaroli by 95 points to 78, after Zagaroli had made a 27 and 32 in the first 15 minutes. Zagaroli then started to find his range, as he made two breaks of 30, and a fine 62, to lead by 215 to 129 with 20 minutes to go in the first hour, as Mullane struggled to find his form, making a 27 break. Zagaroli helped by more table-time in the first hour, then made a 32 and 22 to lead by 307 to 160 at the halfway mark. At the resumption, Zagaroli kicked on again, making breaks of 18, 40, 20, 18 and 20 to lead by a considerable 200 points, 415 to 215. Mullane then finally found some rhythm, making a 47 break with 30 minutes to go, to trail by 271 to 435. But Zagaroli hit back making a 45 break to lead by 480 to 271. Mullane had to respond if he wanted to have any chance of retaining the Gordon Lewis Championship Trophy. Well he did, making fluent runs of 67 and 55 with 13 minutes to go, to trail by only 67 points, 413 to 480! Could he force the match into a nail-biting final few minutes? Well, Zagaroli responded like the true champion he is, and as the tension mounted in the last 10 minutes, compiled a 16, a ten 'hazard' 33 and a 28 unfinished break at the two hour buzzer to win his ninth Gordon Lewis Championship Trophy by 574 points to 450. Well played Danny!

John Mullane 450 (51, 36, 47, 67, 55) V Danny Zagaroli 574 (32, 30, 30, 62, 32, 40, 45, 33)

Semi Finals

At the half-way stage Mullane had scored 250 points which included breaks of 70, 43, 38 and 43 to hold a lead of 151. Lawrence improved through the second 45 minutes, and although no breaks over 30 were made, he had no answer to Mullane's superiority at the table.

Zagaroli held a useful 76 points lead at the 45 minute buzzer, thanks to an 83 break which did include a fortunate run of the ball at 54. Azor replied with a 30 break and did indeed start to claw back the deficit but when time was called he was still 68 in arrears.

John Mullane beat Paul Lawrence 499-226

Daniel Zagaroli beat Terry Azor 331-263

Quarter Finals

Paul Lawrence (Park Gate RBL) 300 v Tony Aldridge (Totton Rec) 138 (35)

Daniel Zagaroli (Chandlers Ford Central) 300 v Mick Kunzi (Totton Rec) 116

Korbin Lowe (Chandlers Ford Central) 174 v Terry Azor (Chandlers Ford Central) 300

Chris Bishop (St Denys Cons) 140 v John Mullane (Chandlers Ford Central) 300 (63, 108 unfinished)