The Stuart Hamper Memorial Handicap Billiards Championship 2018-19

SDBSA President and final referee Sid Hunt (first left) welcomes the finalists Mark Emm, Derek King, Tony Aldridge and Andy Carter

Semi-Final & Final

St Denys Cons' Andy Carter goes one better to win the Stuart Hamper Memorial Challenge
Stuart Hamper Memorial Individual Billiards Handicap Challenge final 2018-2019 played at Park Gate RBL on Wednesday 24 April

 St Denys Cons' Andy Carter went one better in this season's Stuart Hamper Individual Handicap Challenge final, as he beat compatriot Mark Emm in the final played at Park Gate RBL. Carter had lost to Chandlers Ford Central’s Korbin Lowe in last year's final, so the victory was an even sweeter achievement.
In two well contested semi-final games, Carter (receive +35) was drawn against St Denys Cons teammate Derek King (receive +65) in one semi-final. And the match flowed both ways in the first three-quarters, with numerous 20 point breaks and fine shots being played by both players. Carter however made a decisive 21 unfinished to reach the required 200 points, with King left on a close 176.
In the other semi-final, Totton’s Tony Aldridge (receive +30) was paired with the third St Denys Cons player at the final’s night, Mark Emm. Emm started well with a 28 break to help him lead by 176 to 156. Aldridge played some fine cannons and long in-offs but Emm finished the game with a 19 break and eventually won by 200-176.
The final was, in comparison to the two semi-finals, an edgy affair, as both players struggled to control their cue balls on the wonderfully prepared Park Gate RBL playing surface. Carter got into a rhythm with a fine 29 break, but that was the highest of the match, as only a few high teen breaks followed in the tense game. Emm made a 16 and 18 to try and find some form but Carter finished the game with a 14 unfinished for a memorable 200-131 victory. Congratulations Andy! 


 +35 Andy Carter - 200 V 176 Derek King +65

 +25 Mark Emm 200 V 176 Tony Aldridge +30


+35 Andy Carter  - 200 V 131 Mark Emm +25

Quarter Finals

Quarter-finals results

Brian Bull 173 V Andy Carter 200

Tony Aldridge 200 V Mike Henstredge 185

Derek King 200 (40) V Derek Fry 168

Mark Emm 200 V Korbin Lowe 158

Last 16

Derek Fry 200 V Malcolm Willis 191

Tony Aldridge 200 V Chris Christodoulou 191

Andy Carter W/O WIN V Ian Finch

Derek King 200 V Mike Thatcher 171

Mike Henstredge W/O WIN V Chris Pullen

Mark Emm 200 (39) V Mick Kunzi 96

Dean Turner 161 V Korbin Lowe 200 (41)

Brian Bull 200 V  Kas Remzi 176

First Round

Kas Remzi WINNER V Chris Bishop

Mike Thatcher W/O V Lee Fitzpatrick

Ray Smith 145 V 200 Derek Fry

Tony Aldridge (31, 21 unf) 200 V 199 Nick Wood (31)

Ian Finch 200 V 175 Will Mildenhall

Andy Carter BYE

Derek King 200 V 77 Terry Azor

 Malcolm Willis BYE

Clive Gamblin 179 V 200 Mick Kunzi

Daniel Zagaroli (65, 51, 44, 41, 32) 53  V 200 Chris Christodoulou

Mike Henstredge BYE

Rob Shattock 140 V 200 Mark  (32)

Dean Turner BYE

Chris Pullen BYE

Korbin Lowe 200 V 185 Paul Lawrence

Rob Smith 192 V 200 Brian Bull