The Jim Watts Memorial Handicap Billiards Doubles Championship

SDBSA Doubles finalists: Steve Allen & Tony Aldridge and winners Chris Christodoulou & Steve Boterhoek

Jim Watts Doubles Semi-finals and Final played on 18 November 2021 at Chandler's Ford


The Jim Watts Doubles Final result

Chris Christodoulou & Steve Boterhoek 200 beat Steve Allen & Tony Aldridge 134

The defending champions never really looked in trouble as they sauntered home against the Totton pair. Neither pairing hit the heights and all seemed to be struggling with the pace of the table, which was lightning fast. With little margin for error, given the handicap deficit, Allen & Aldridge were desperate for a break to get things going in their direction, but neither of them were able to capitalise when openings presented themselves. It wasn't a classic by any means, and the hat-trick by the Park Gaters means they have now made this competition their own. Where are the pairing who can give these two a serious game? Are you out there? Anyone?

The Jim Watts Doubles Semi-finals results

Steve Allen & Tony Aldridge 200 beat Chris Bishop & Andy Carter 187

Chris Christodoulou & Steve Boterhoek 200 beat Nick Wood & Will Mildenhall 135

The Jim Watts Doubles Quarter-finals results

Allen & Aldridge 200 beat Kunzi & Thatcher 165

Christodoulou & Boterhoek 200 beat Lawrence & Tavender 149

Gamblin & Gamblin 178 lost to Bishop (35) & Carter 200

Wood (54, 33, 33unf) & Mildenhall 200 beat Finch & Pullen 135

The Jim Watts Doubles Last 16 results


Emm & King 152 lost to Wood & Mildenhall 200

Bull & Fry 156 lost to Lawrence & Tavender 200


Allen & Aldridge (Totton)

Gamblin & Gamblin (Curdridge)

Finch & Pullen (Park Gate)

Bishop & Carter (St Denys)

Christodoulou & Boterhoek (Park Gate)

Kunzi & Thatcher (Totton)