The Stuart Hamper Memorial Handicap Challenge 2019-20

2020 Stuart Hamper semi-finalists from left to right: eventual winner Nick Wood, Paul Tavender, runner-up Terry Azor and Mark Emm (thanks to BBC Crimewatch for the photo)

Stuart Hamper Individual Billiards Handicap Challenge 2019-2020 Semi-finals and Final played on Wednesday 17 November 2021 at Churchills Eastleigh
Nick Wood 200 (42) Terry Azor 38 (33, 37) 
Referee: A. Carter

Nick Wood claimed the handicap singles crown in convincing style against Terry Azor, two-and-a-half years after the last Stuart Hamper final!

Wood carried on from where he'd left off in the semi when he fired in a 42 early in the final. However, master craftsman Azor isn't easily discouraged and he hit back with runs of 33 and 37. At the half hour mark the score was 80 v -63 so no real in-roads had been made by the Chandler's Ford skipper. Azor looked like he might be able to drag himself into the game as he managed to stop the Hamble man scoring for a while, but a 26 from Nick soon meant he had 133 on the board before Terry had his handicap off. The exertions of the British Open began to tell on Azor, and the writing was on the wall as Wood's lead was never really seriously threatened as he ran out the comfortable winner, having played by far the best billiards over the evening. Well done Nick!

(As per Association rules, a handicap adjustment of -10 has been applied to Nick for the start of the 2021/22 season)

Thanks to Churchills for hosting and to Mark McLean for preparing the tables and refereeing.

Nick Wood 200 (45, 52) Paul Tavender 171 

Referee: C. Bishop

Tavender controlled the game in the early stages, though both players struggled in the chilly conditions which didn't make for the best standard of billiards. A 23 combined with numerous other runs in the teens put the Park Gate man well in control, with his opponent failing to spark. However, Wood finally came alive after falling further behind than he was at the start, and fired in a 45 to make things interesting before a majestic 52 (twelve hazards) soon after had his opponent reeling. He led going into the home straight and, though Wood left himself a point short of the finish line, Tavender was unable to find the last-gasp miracle he needed and Wood was soon into the final.

Terry Azor 200 (32, 35, 32, 40) Mark Emm 122 

Referee: M. McLean

Azor, fresh from his British Open exploits, started with consistent billiards which seemed to knock his opponent out of any kind of rhythm. Runs of 32, 29, 35 and 23 got the Chandler's skipper well in the game and his St Denys opposite number just couldn't get into his stride. Azor cut the difference to under 100 and added breaks of 23, 29 and 22 before his opponent found a 24. But Azor was not to be denied, and a 32 followed-up by a classy 40 sent him well ahead and, in the end, he won with plenty to spare.

Stuart Hamper Individual Billiards Handicap Challenge 2019-2020 Quarter-finals played on Thursday 12 March 2020

Draw was done at St Denys on 12th February 2020 by Norman Bradfield and John Oldfield, with Andy Carter in attendance.

Derek Fry 180 V Paul Tavender 200

Mark Emm 200 V 163 Daniel Zagaroli

Nick Wood 200 (39, 34) V 73 Paul Lawrence

Derek King 165 V 200 Terry Azor (42)

Stuart Hamper Individual Billiards Handicap Challenge 2019-2020
2nd round matches played on Thursday 6 February 2020

Draws were performed by Adie Bridger & Malc Willis at Park Gate on 18th December.

Graham Hollick v Danny Zagaroli W/O

Kas Remzi 162 v Derek Fry 200

Brian Bull 171 v Paul Tavender 200

Mark Emm 200 v Tony Aldridge 167 (38)

Andy Carter 197 v Nick Wood 200

Terry Azor 200 v Brian Cannons 176

Ian Finch 170 v Paul Lawrence 200

Chris Christodoulou 176 v Derek King 200

Stuart Hamper Memorial Individual Billiards Handicap Challenge 2019-2020
1st round results

The draw was performed at St Denys by Graham Garside and Tony Aldridge, with Andy Carter in attendance.


Brian Bull (Curdridge)

Danny Zagaroli (Chandlers Ford)

Malc Willis 171 V Paul Tavender 200

Brian Cannons 200 v Ray Smith 185

Mick Kunzi 170 (56) v Ian Finch 200 (32)

Mike Thatcher 172 v Andy Carter 200

Steve Boeterhoek v Terry Azor WINNER (no score sent in)

Mike Henstredge 169 v Derek King 200

Derek Fry W/O v Will Mildenhall NO SHOW

Nick Wood 200 (45, 34, 33) v Chris Pullen 180

Mark Emm 200 (30) v Steve Allen 180 (46)

Graham Hollick 200 v Rob Smith 168

Kas Remzi  W/O v Rob Shattock NO SHOW

Lee Fitzpatrick NO SHOW v Paul Lawrence W/O

Tony Aldridge 200 v Chris Bishop 177 (50, 33)

Chris Christodoulou 200 (42) v Clive Gamblin 105