The Usher Cup Team Handicap

2020 winners Park Gate from left to right: Paul Tavender, Ian Finch, Steve Boterhoek, Chris Christodoulou, Paul Lawrence and lurking in the background is Chris Pullen.

The Usher Cup Team Handicap Trophy Final was played 7.30pm, 3rd November 2021 at Totton Rec.

Park Gate have won the Usher Cup in a one sided encounter, Sarisbury could unfortunately only muster 4 players so had an uphill task from the word go. Chris and Ian Got them off to a great start and all but sealed the match after the first 2 games, Steve and Paul sealed it with 49 and 76 point wins respectively leaving Paul celebrating his second title in 3 weeks.

Park Gate RBL 800 V 568 Sarisbury Social
Chris Christodoulou 200 v 139 Kaz Remzi
Ian Finch 200 v 154 Norman Bradfield
Steve Boterhoek 200 v 151 John Oldfield
Paul Tavender 200 v 124 Chris Collinson
Paul Lawrence w/o v Geoff Knapp

The Usher Cup Team Handicap Trophy semi final was played 6th October 2021

Park Gate RBL 973 V Curdridge RBL 891
Ian Finch 200 v 164 Richard Marshall
Steve Boterhoek 200 v 143 Rob Smith
Paul Lawrence 200 v 193 Clive Gamblin
Chris Christodoulou 200 v 190 Brian Bull
Paul Tavender 173 v 200 Derek Fry

Sarisbury Social W/O V Totton Rec (Totton no show)


The Usher Cup Team Handicap Trophy

Curdridge RBL 944 V Hamble Social 910
Clive Gamblin 200 v 190 Tony Spridgeon
Brian Bull 200 v168 Rob Shattock
Robin Smith 168 v 200 Paul Knights
Derek Fry 200 v 152 Will Mildenhall
Richard Marshall 175 v 200 Mark Spridgeon

Chandlers Ford Central V Sarisbury Social
Sarisbury Social won by 4 points, No results sent in

Totton Rec 898 V Churchills Eastleigh 880
Brian Cannons. 200 v 187 Peter Green
Steve Allen 200 v 194 Paul Adams
Mike Thatcher 164 v 200 Derek Foster
Tony Aldridge 200 v 99 Mark McLean
Mick Kunzi 134 v 200 Mike Henstredge

Breaks: SA 31   PA 38, 41   DF 30   TA 37   MK 43   MH 37unf

Park Gate RBL 997 V St Denys Cons 667
Paul Tavender 200 v 194 Derek King
Chris Pullen 197 v 200 Malc Willis
Paul Lawrence v 158 Adie Bridger
Ian Finch 200 v 1 Chris Bishop
Chris Christadoulou 200 v 114 Andy Carter

Breaks: PT 32   PL 37   IF 33