2021-2022 Final League Standings

Park Gate claim prize scalp of the champs; Zagaroli, Kunzi, Lawrence, Bishop & Lowe end league campaigns with fine efforts.

The league season ended (well, almost) this week with runaway leaders Chandlers Ford losing for only the second time, to their long-time chasers Park Gate.

Paul Lawrence has hit a rich vein of form recently, and a tremendous 75 left current world number seven Ryan Mears unable to get into positive numbers despite runs of 42 and 35. Terry Azor (currently rated eighteen in the world) was similarly dispatched by Steve Boterhoek before Korbin Lowe (56, 31) started to restore some order for the champions in his win over Gary Wilton. Old sparring partners Ian Finch and Dave White went toe-to-toe again, with Finch coming out on top, and not even the traditional Danny Zagaroli fireworks (98, 47, 42) against Chris Christodoulou could rescue the champions, who lost the aggregate for just the fourth time in what has been a phenomenal season for Azor's talented bunch. Park Gate ended the season in the bronze medal position.

The race for second was in St Denys' hands, but they were badly wobbled by Sarisbury early on as John Oldfield put young upstart Malc Willis in his place and Geoff Knapp overcame Derek King. But the home team, strong on their own tables, fired back as talisman Adie Bridger withstood a 34 from Chris Collinson and skipper Mark Emm cruised past Kas Remzi. Chris Bishop completed the comeback with runs of 36 and 61 and, with the aggregate point secured, a 4-2 win was enough to maintain 2nd place in the final table. Sarisbury finished the season in 7th, no mean feat after losing their first five games.

Churchills knew their chances of matching their runners-up finish of 2019-20 were slim, and sure enough a fine 4-2 win at Hamble was only enough for fourth in the final reckoning. Nick Wood's 33 and 36 weren't enough to faze Mike Henstredge, and Mark McLean continued his good form with a solid win over Tony Spridgeon. Home sipper Will Mildenhall saw off Steve Scott and Rob Shattock got the better of Derek Foster to make it interesting before Steve Hulbert's fine win over Wood handed the match to the away team. 2018-19 champions Hamble finished fifth in the final standings.

Totton hosted Curdridge and star of the show was Parkstone's finest, Mick Kunzi, with a cracking 81 unfinished and a 31 as he did a number on Brian Bull. Steve Allen's 44 helped him to a good win over Clive Gamblin, but Derek Fry came out well ahead against John Ransome. Ryan Longhurst was too strong for Richard Marshall, but Tony Aldridge and Rob Smith were involved in a nail-biter with the home man getting there by just three points in the end. Totton finished their campaign in sixth, and Curdridge unfortunately maintained their 100% losing away record and will finish the season in the wooden spoon position. Still, it's good that the club is still there and we await developments over the summer.

It's been a challenging season for many, but it's been great to see everyone back at the baize and playing again. There are many competitions to be decided over the next few weeks, but whatever the results we hope that games continue to be played in the great spirit that they have been played in this season. Chandlers Ford have been dominant again, in the league, and that's great credit to their consistency and level of performance.

This week's Usher Shield Final will see Hamble and Park Gate battle it out at Sarisbury Social, and the Jim Watts Doubles reaches its conclusion the following night at Churchills. The Stuart Hamper, the Challenge Cup and the blue riband Gordon Lewis all conclude soon, and spectators are always welcome. We like to see you there.

A huge thank you to the clubs for hosting not just league matches but providing neutral venues for other competitions. It is much appreciated.

AGM proposals will be welcomed in due course and we hope to see as many of you as possible there in the summer. Venue and date will be confirmed when known.




(90) S. Boterhoek 200 - 6 T. Azor (-185)
(-15) P. Lawrence 200 -  -7 R. Mears (-250)
(70) G. Wilton 165 - 200 K. Lowe (-25)
(35) I. Finch 200 - 184 D. White (75)
(45) C. Christodoulou 135 - 200 D. Zagaroli (-250)

Aggregate Score 900 - 583

Breaks: PL 75 RM 42, 35 KL 56, 31 DZ 98, 47, 42


(40) M. Willis 125 - 200 J. Oldfield (40)
(60) D. King 178 - 200 G. Knapp (45)
(85) A. Bridger 200 - 180 C. Collinson (65)
(30) M. Emm 200 - 165 K. Remzi (75)
(-40) C. Bishop 200 - 152 N. Bradfield (75)

Aggregate Score 903 - 897

Breaks: CB 36, 61 CC 34 


(-45) N. Wood 165 - 200 M. Henstredge (95)
(45) T. Spridgeon 177 - 200 M. McLean (-10)
(100) W. Mildenhall 200 - 181 S. Scott (55)
(105) R. Shattock 200 - 171 D. Foster (15)
(-45) N. Wood 98 - 200 S. Hulbert (85)

Aggregate Score 840 - 952


(-80) S. Allen 200 - 153 C. Gamblin (40)
(-10) M. Kunzi 200 - 147 B. Bull (65)
(105) J. Ransome 158 - 200 D. Fry (110)
(50) R. Longhurst 200 - 185 R. Marshall (105)
(20) T. Aldridge 200 - 197 R. Smith (90)

Aggregate Score 958 - 882

Breaks: SA 44 MK 31, 81uf 

2019-2020 Final League Standings

Chandlers Ford win the league title with comfortable win at St Denys and a couple of century breaks along the way!!

Congratulations go to Terry Azor's men as they notch another league title in a season unlike no other, Going into the last game after an 18 month break and a few rusty cues the season finally got completed. With Chandlers holding a narrow advantage of 1 point seemed to be the favourites, although having a tough away tie at St Denys and Churchills having the comfort of home advantage it was all to play for...  After the first 2 games at each venue they were level on points with St Denys' Andy Carter winning and John Mullane (107, 81, 34, 30) winning for Chandlers taking them to 75 points, Churchills though got off to a blistering start through the impressive duo of Derek Foster and Mark McLean which also saw them hold a massive 113 advantage for the bonus point!  unfortunately though for Pauls side Totton still had their 3 star players to go, with Tony Aldridge winning by a mammoth 256 points and Steve Allen by 50 they had not only lost the aggregate point but with it the title they had been craving since 2010, Mick Kunzi saw out the match for Totton which gave them the 4-2 win they needed to avoid the wooden spoon. Chandlers eventually rode out 4-2 winners with Korbin Lowe and World No.5 Ryan Mears racking up breaks of 116, 77, 51, 48, 32 and 31 leaving St Dens' new player Tom Emm wondering what he's walked into.  Mark Emm won the last match but Chandlers already had the 4-2 win they needed for the seasons ultimate prize.


(15) A. Carter 200  v  175 T. Thorn (-40)
(-15) C. Bishop 148  v  200 J. Mullane (-250)
(90) A. Bridger 144  v  200 K. Lowe (-5)
(110) T. Emm 156  v  200 R. Mears (-250)
(30) M. Emm 200  v  184 D. White (90)

Aggregate Score 848 - 959

Breaks: JM 81, 34, 107, 30  - RM 32, 31, 77, 48, 116, 51 - TT 41 - AC 36 - CB 31, 35



(10) C. Gamblin 140  v  200 J. Oldfield (45)
(55) B. Bull 155  v  200 C. Collinson (65)
(85) D. Fry 187  v  200 G. Knapp (35)
(90) R. Smith 200  v  180 K. Remzi (90)
(105) R. Marshall 200  v  174 N. Bradfield (60)

Aggregate Score 882 - 954



(45) P. Tavender 200 v  154 N. Wood (-20)
(110) C. Pullen 167  v  200 R. Shattock (110)
(50) I. Finch 200  v  196 W. Fox (110)
(90) S. Boterhoek 200 v  116 M. Spridgeon (45)
(-25) P. Lawrence 200  v  171 W. Mildenhall (65)

Aggregate Score 967 - 837



(15) D. Foster 200  v  M. Thatcher 140 (55)
(5) M. McLean 200  v  L. Fitzpatrick 147 (45)
(-135) P. Adams -44  v  T. Aldridge 200(50)
(110) M. Adams 150  v  S. Allen 200 (-5)
(95) M. Henstredge 194  v  M. Kunzi 200 (-10)

Aggregate Score 700-887

Breaks: DF 31 - PA 31 - SA 34

The Southampton and District Billiards League 2018-19

All smiles for the Hamble Social billiards team as they win the 2018-2019 Southampton Billiards league title. Paul Knights, Nick Wood, Rob Shattock, Will Mildenhall, Tony Spridgeon and Mark Spridgeon have every right to be happy!

Hamble Social win Southampton Billiards league championship for the third time

Hamble Social have won the prestigious Southampton Billiards league championship after they were held to a 3-3 draw at Churchills Eastleigh.

Hamble required one point to win the title from the previous week’s results for the third time in their history and not since 2013. Their captain Will Mildenhall duly served up the point required by comprehensively beating Churchill’s Peter Green 200-138, making a 30 break in the process.

Churchills Paul Adams played well to overturn Hamble's handicap advantage and lead Nick Wood by nearly 100, thanks to breaks of 44, 42 and 41. But Wood gradually clawed his way back, and with Adams requiring only 17 points to win, managed to create a superb 74 unfinished to steal the game 200-183.

Churchill’s Derek Foster then played well to beat Hamble’s Tony Spridgeon by 200-130, thanks in part to runs of 34 and 52. Churchill’s Mark McLean was in control against Hamble’s Paul Knights, but Knights clawed his way back and pipped McLean by a nail-biting 200-193.

With the total team points aggregate score balanced at 714 to 730 in Hamble’s favour, it was down to the last pairing. Churchill’s Mike Henstredge played superbly to beat Mark Spridgeon by 200-143 to take the aggregate by 914 to 873 and the 3-3 draw. But it was Hamble's night for celebration and well done to their whole team.

Curdridge RBL claimed runners-up spot, four points behind Hamble, after they thrashed visiting Chandlers Ford Central 5-1, condemning the 2017 champions to bottom place. Winning for Curdridge were Derek Fry over Dean Turner 200-158, Nick Alford against Daniel Zagaroli (77 and 59 breaks) 200-142, Richard Marshall over Korbin Lowe 200-154 and Brian Bull against Terry Azor (63 and 63 breaks) 200-128. Chandler’s win came in the second pairing with 'retiring' Graham Hollick beating Rob Smith 200-176.

Totton Rec ended up in third place after they were pegged back by home side Park Gate RBL to draw 3-3. Winning the first two games were Totton’s Tony Aldridge (34 unfinished) 200-125 against Paul Tavender and Mike Thatcher pipping Paul Lawrence (34 break) by 200-195.

Park Gate fought back with Chris Pullen overcoming Keith Castles 200-167, but Totton’s Brian Cannons made it 3-1 to Totton after he beat Ian Finch 200-143. At that point, Totton led the aggregate total by 767 to 663, and looked nailed on for the victory. But Park Gate’s Steve Boterhoek had other ideas, as he beat Mick Kunzi by 200-47 to win and take the aggregate by 863 to 814.

Last season’s champions St Denys Cons came in fourth place after they were beaten 4-2 at Sarisbury Social. Winning for Sarisbury were Geoff Knapp over Derek King 200-154, John Oldfield against Chris Bishop 200-183 and Chris Collinson over Mark Emm 200-153. St Denys’ victors were Malcolm Willis against Norman Bradfield 200-176 and Andy Carter over Kas Remzi 200-126, just falling to win the team aggregate points total by only 12 points, 890 to 902!

The highest break of the season was a wonderful 166 unfinished made by Chandlers Ford Central's John Mullane against Sarisbury Social's Geoff Knapp in week six.

The Southampton and District Billiards League 2017-18

Worthy Champions from left to right – Graham Garside, Malcolm Willis, Ade Bridger, Andy Carter, captain Mark Emm, Chris Bishop and Derek King.

Worthy champions St Denys Cons pip last year's champions Chandlers Ford Central on matches won!

St Denys Cons have won the Southampton Billiards League despite losing 5-1 at Totton Rec on the final day of the league campaign. They reached 75 points, the same as Chandlers Ford Central after their result, but pipped last season’s champions by winning fourteen matches to Chandler’s ten at the final count! It was a fantastic achievement with the new St Denys team coming together in the last few seasons and finishing bottom of the league last year!

St Denys Con’s Chris Bishop secured the one point his team needed in the first game of the evening by beating John Ransome by 200-185, compiling a 45 break in the process. The match was interrupted though by St Denys finding they were getting constant ‘kicks’ and ‘wide throws’ due to the away team’s white ball being 4 1/2 grams lighter than the yellow ball. After changing the set of balls, the next four games went Totton’s way. Mick Kunzi (31 and 33 break) overcame Ade Bridger 200-177, Lee Fitzpatrick beat Malcolm Willis 200-123, Steve Allen (45 break) pipped Derek King 200-194 and Tony Aldridge (32 break) overcame Andy Carter 200-124.

The Southampton and District Billiards League 2016-17

Churchills Eastleigh finish season in style against Curdridge RBL and superb Chandlers Ford Central are finally crowned champions

Churchill’s Eastleigh finished their Southampton Billiards league campaign in style by beating visitors Curdridge RBL 5-1.

Churchill’s Derek Foster cued things off nicely by beating Curdridge’s Rob Smith by 200-136, compiling a fantastic 69 break in the process. That was followed by teammate Mike Henstredge's fine win over Curdridge’s Nick Alford by 200-187.

Churchill’s Dave Baker made it 3-0 as he overcame Curdridge’s Derek Fry by 200-163, thanks in part to a 35 break. And it got better for the Eastleigh team as Churchill’s Paul Adams made a fine 59 break and 38 break to beat in-form Clive Gamblin 200-152 for 4-0. Curdridge’s saviour was Brian Bull, as he pipped Peter Green by 200-183 to save the whitewash. Even with the loss, Curdridge RBL finished a creditable third in the league thanks to winning one more match than Park Gate RBL or Totton Rec.

A close battle between Park Gate RBL and Totton Rec ensued at Park Gate, with Park Gate’s Paul Lawrence pipping Brian Cannons by only three points 200-197. Totton’s Mick Kunzi made it 1-1, as he made breaks of 39, 38 and 38 to beat Chris Christodoulou by 200-166.

Park Gate’s Ian Finch then beat Totton’s Tony Aldridge by 200-169, and Chris Pullen made it 3-1, after he overcame Keith Castles by the slender margin of four points 200-196. Totton’s Steve Allen rounded things off by making breaks of 31 and 38 to beat Gate’s Steve Boterhoek by 200-138, and take the team aggregate points total by 962 to 904, to draw the match 3-3. The draw didn't help either team in their final league positioning, but kept Park Gate in fourth spot due to them losing only nine games to Totton's ten.

Terry Azor's Chandlers Ford Central had a superb season with number one Daniel Zagaroli in blistering form, making a total of three league centuries and two cup centuries. John Mullane made a monumental 179 break to take the season high prize. Their teammates all chipped in to help win the league by a staggering 24 points, losing only three matches over the 21 games, so congratulations to them!

In the end there was only ten points between bottom placed St Denys Cons and second placed Sarisbury Social, so a good season for handicaps, although I am sure that at the next AGM we might look at the maximum handicap allowed! I'm sure 70 points is quite a reasonable amount to score...

The Southampton and District Billiards League 2015-16


Fabulous Chandlers Ford Central secured the Southampton Billiards league championship on the last day of the season with a 4-2 victory over visitors Curdridge RBL.
The league’s top game winning player Daniel Zagaroli, who finished with 15 wins and only four loses, had to dig deep against Rob Smith though. Zagaroli made runs of 31 and 47 but with Smith needing 23 points on 177, Zagaroli crafted a game winning 75 unfinished. Chandler’s inspirational captain Terry Azor then played superbly, making breaks of 89, 59, 59 and 75 to beat Brian Bull 200-125.
Curdridge fought back with Clive Gamblin overcoming Graham Hollick by a close 200-197, but Ford’s Trevor Thorn made a 34 to make it 3-1, as he beat Derek Fry 200-157. Curdridge’s Nick Alford got his team their second point after beating Dave White 200-170, which helped them to a wonderful third place in the league on matches won over Churchills Eastleigh.
Chandler’s closest rivals Park Gate RBL could only manage a 3-3 draw out at Totton Rec, but can be proud of a fine campaign, finishing runners up. First up was Totton’s Brian Cannons who beat Paul Lawrence 200-139, and that was after Lawrence had made a fine 50 break.
Ian Finch pulled one back for Gate as he fought back with some solid billiards against Steve Allen, who made breaks of 33 and 31, to win 200-182. Totton’s Lee Fitzpatrick beat Chris Christodoulou in a game that could have swung either way by 200-198, with a missed pot yellow by Christodoulou, with Fitzpatrick at his mercy, ultimately being the deciding factor.
Gate’s Paul Tavender then made a 31 break against a luckless Mike Kunzi who succumbed 200-91, but he can be proud of his total wins stats this season. In the last pairing, Totton’s Tony Aldridge had to win by 65 or more against Steve Boterhoek to take the aggregate during a nip-and-tuck tie. Aldridge won, but the scores ended up 200-188 which left the total team aggregate score 873-925 in Gate’s favour.
Churchill’s Eastleigh take fourth position, which was remarkable after the disastrous start they made to the campaign, and that was after going down 4-2 at bottom club Hamble Social. Hamble's Will Mildenhall played well to pip Paul Adams, who made breaks of 40 and 61, 200-165, but Churchill’s Dave Baker, improving all the time, made it 1-1 by beating Shaun Murphy 200-182.
Hamble's Tony Spridgeon made a 33 break in beating Derek Foster, who made a 33 himself. Churchill’s Peter Green made it 2-2 after overcoming Rob Shattock 200-178, and it was left to newcomer Luke Castle to beat Mike Henstredge 200-178 to seal the victory.
Sarisbury Social visited Shirley Cons and left with a 4-2 win. Shirley’s Mike Thatcher beat John Oldfield, but Sarisbury’s Norman Bradfield pipped Malcolm Willis 200-198 to level. Geoff Knapp overcame Shirley’s Chris Holland 200-134 and Sarisbury’s Jeff James finished the season well by beating Keith Castles 200-136 for a 3-1 lead. Shirley’s promising newcomer Ryan Longhurst finished the match by beating Kas Remzi 200-177, but failed to win the aggregate, losing 868-938.

Our attention now turns to the Usher Cup semi finals and final and the singles and doubles cup tournaments, so good skill to all playing and thank you for an enjoyable and closely fought league season!

The Southampton and District Billiards League 2014-15

Park Gate RBL's super runners-up in the billiards league. Left to right – Paul Tavender, Chris Christodoulou, Steve Boterhoek, Paul Lawrence, captain Chris Pullen and Ian Finch.


Park Gate RBL roared into runners-up spot in the Southampton Billiards league as they leapfrogged Chandlers Ford Central after beating champions Totton Rec 4-2.

It started well for Park Gate as number one Paul Lawrence beat Dan Stone by a nail biting two points 200-198. This was followed by a return to form of Chris Christodoulou as he overcame Lee Fitzpatrick 200-174. But back came the title holders, with Mick Kunzi making a 40 break during his 200-177 win against Paul Tavender.

Totton’s Tony Aldridge squared the match by beating Steve Boterhoek by only six points 200-194 which set up a tantalising last pairing. Park Gate’s newcomer Ian Finch held his nerve to beat Steve Allen and send his teammates home happy after beating the champions.

Park Gate’s closest rivals Chandlers Ford Central’s hopes rested on a trip to Curdridge RBL, but the countryside team ran out comprehensive 5-1 victors. Curdridge’s Clive Gamblin beat Graham Hollick 200-136 in the first game, and that was followed by Rob Smith’s decisive 200-82 win against Terry Azor. Chandler’s Trevor Thorne made a 53 break against Derek Fry but lost out by 200-145, but Chandler’s Ray Smith pulled one back by beating Brian Bull by 200-185. Curdridge’s Nick Alford finished proceedings by overcoming Daniel Zagaroli (60 break) by 200-49.

Shirley’s second place challenge ended at the hands of Sarisbury Social as they went down 4-2. It started well for Shirley as Chris Holland battled to a 200-163 win against fellow billiards league veteran Jeff James. Sarisbury’s Geoff Knapp squared the match by beating Mike Thatcher and Norman Bradfield consolidated his team’s lead by overcoming Adrian Bridger 200-164.

Sarisbury’s John Oldfield beat Malcolm Willis 200-145 to set up a last game decider, with the aggregate at 763 to 681 in Sarisbury’s favour. Shirley’s Keith Castle’s played well to beat Doug Scott but could not quite overturn the team aggregate points total as Sarisbury won it by a slender 18 points, 899-881.

The basement battle between home team Churchills Eastleigh and Hamble Social ended with a welcome 4-2 victory for Hamble, although it could not prevent them from receiving the wooden spoon. Churchill’s Derek Foster started assuredly against Rob Shattock by making breaks of 49 and 33 but Shattock came back with a fine 27 break at the death to win by 200-185.

Churchill’s Mike Henstredge squared the match by pipping Tony Spridgeon by one point 200-199. Hamble’s Will Mildenhall then overcame Dave Baker by 200-152. Churchill’s Paul Adams made a 48 break but could not stop a determined Steve Cottrell from winning 200-145 but Churchill’s Peter Green made a fine 36 unfinished break to beat Ben Spencer 200-169.

The Southampton and District Billiards League 2013-14


Sarisbury Social rolled back the years with a fine 6-0 whitewash of third placed Hamble Social on the final day of the Southampton Billiards League, which helped Churchills Eastleigh retain second place behind champions Chandlers Ford Central.

Sarisbury’s veterans started well with Geoff Knapp beating Tony Spridgeon by 58 points but the next three games were much closer affairs. Norman Bradfield beat Steve Cottrell by five points and then Dave Leeworthy overcame Rob Shattock by 15. The fourth pairing had Hamble’s Will Mildenhall making a 36 break, but to no avail as his opponent John Oldfield won by 14. Sarisbury’s maestro Stan Pitts finished things off in style by overcoming Paul Knights by 42 points.

Shirley Cons finished their session off in style with a 5-1 win away at Hythe Social. Shirley’s Mike Thatcher and Ian Hine got their team off to a perfect start as they beat Wayne Crotty and Martin Crotty. Back came Hythe with Warren Renyard overcoming  Sid Hunt, but Keith Castles made it 3-1 with his narrow nine points win over Brian Price. Shirley’s Malcolm Willis sealed the victory thanks to his win over Wayne Chiverton, which included a 32 break.

Park Gate RBL made it back-to-back 5-1 wins – this time it was against visiting Totton Rec. Winners for RBL were Paul Tavender, Mark Stansmore Chris Christodoulou and Steve Boterhoek against Mike Kunzi, John Ransome, Tony Aldridge and Brian McCarthy. Wedged in-between Park Gate’s four wins was a fine victory for Totton’s youngster Lee Fitzpatrick over Paul Lawrence.

Churchills gained second place but could not stop visiting Curdridge RBL from winning 4-2 on the final game of the night. It started badly for Churchills as Curdridge’s Clive Gamblin played well to decisively beat Derek Foster and Nick Alford overcame Peter Green for a two nil lead. 

Back came the home side with Dave Baker making an early 30 break against Brian Bull, and eventually winning by 200-188. Paul Adams looked well beaten by a determined Dave Fry, but clawed his way back to win by a nail biting two points 200-198, helped by a 34 break. Curdridge’s Billiards Handicap Champion Derek Fry continued his good form by finishing the match with a win over good friend Mike Henstredge.

Chandlers Ford Central had this week’s bye and the great relief of winning the league title on their last match, last week! 

The Southampton and District Billiards League 2012-13

Hamble Social's Steve Cottrell, Nick Wood, captain Will Mildenhall, Tony Spridgeon, Paul Knights and Rob Shattock welcome the prestigious Southampton Billiards League Championship Shield back to their club, first presented by Sir George Hussey in 1936


Hamble Social are the 2012-2013 Southampton and District Billiards League champions, after current champions Churchills Eastleigh failed to beat hosts Chandlers Ford Central by the required 6 games to nil. Chandlers won the match 4-2 with some fine all round billiards played on the night, but the two points secured a welcome runners-up spot for the Eastleigh team

Hamble Social had a fantastic season, dealing with their two handicap adjustments well. The league could have been won by any one of four teams in the final two weeks but Will Mildenhall's team showed their improving billiards knowledge will stand them in good stead for the coming seasons

Chandlers' Daniel Zagaroli was in devastating potting form as he overwhelmed Paul Adams, although both players didn't manage a single break over 39! And Churchill's Derek Foster beat Terry Azor, who made runs of 50, 41 and 43.

Chandler's Wayne Muddiman overcame Mark Adams, and John Mullane made an 86, 43 and 46 to pip Peter Green by 7 points, after Green had made a 38. In the last pairing Churchill's Dave Baker beat Marc Shirley after the Chandlers man had made a fine 37 break.

Hythe Social had a fine 4-2 victory against visitors Bitterne RBL with Warren Renyard making it two wins in a row after beating Paul Lawrence and Hythe's Rob Tennant beat Chris Christodoulou. Bitterne fought back with Paul Tavender overcoming Tony Scarborough but Hythe's Wayne Chiverton gave his team a 3-1 lead after defeating Steve Boterhoek. Bitterne's Mark Stansmore beat Brian Price in the last pairing for a 931-863 aggregate win

Hosts Sarisbury Social whitewashed unfortunate Totton Rec 6-0, with John Oldfield (54 break), Dave Leeworthy, Norman Bradfield, Geoff Knapp and Dennis Hushley beating Steve Allen, Tony Aldridge, Mike Kunzi and Josh Barnes respectively

Woolston Cons had a great 4-2 win out at Curdridge RBL with the city team winning the aggregate by only 28 points. Winners for Woolston were Mike Thatcher against Gwen Gamblin, Adrian Bridger against Derek Fry, and Sid Hunt over Brain Bull, by only 7 points. Curdridge's victors were Clive Gamblin against Ian Hines, who made a 30 break, and Nick Alford over Mark Emm